The main focus of our company is to assist our client’s business continuity and the recovery of their technical equipment after a disaster event. We are experts in electronics restoration, equipment and machinery restoration. We also assist the claims process by providing technical consulting for building systems, electronics and equipment that have experienced electrical or mechanical failure, power distribution issues, surge or lightning damage.

Our ER Healthcare division helps the healthcare industry manage the special risks inherent with healthcare construction.  We have experience restoring and decommissioning medical equipment, meeting stringent environmental standards, and developing plans to minimize disruption within a working, clinical environment.  These skills aren’t just applicable to times of disaster – they can also help during construction, remodeling, and transitional situations.

Our restoration division offers technical services to varied client groups. Years of operating experience while serving clients after a disaster event as well as helping recover valuable equipment assets has been rewarding. Our experience has taught us that the needs of clients or as varied as the recovery goals of each individual business type. The life blood of most business types is electrical power, building systems, IT & computers, electronics and production equipment. Restoring electronics and equipment to pre-loss condition and assisting the client to ensure that all is working, computers are networking and all systems are up and running is the key to a successful recovery. Our team of project managers, technicians and engineers work hard to meet the challenges to achieve the goal for the shortest path to recovery.

Our consultants also assist business owners, risk managers, insured’s, insurance carriers, attorneys and adjusters with professionally written, detailed and documented reports. We address lightning damage, power surge issues, power events and interruption, equipment failure, replacement verification and cost assessments as well as other related reports to assist in claims settlement. The equipment components contain the evidence that often speaks for itself and tells us what has happened as well as what needs to be done to remedy the situation. The initial contacts, assessment and investigation are vital components to a well-crafted and executed report.

ER LLC. is always striving to meet high operating standards that allow us to be efficient so that we can offer cost cutting solutions, T & M options, open accountability, OEM and third party testing along with written restoration protocols that guide through the restoration process so that we can offer exceptional restoration service to our clients.

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