Technical reporting made simple.

Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers provides reports that support loss prevention, risk assessment, and claims settlement for property owners, insurers, adjusters, risk managers, and private clients. We deliver independent analysis in a relevant, usable format that we are proud to stand behind – from the boardroom to the courtroom.

ER has a multi-disciplined team of consultants that applies a synergistic approach to each project and creates balanced assessments that focus on the unique needs of each client and each claim.

Equipment recovery, engineering, and information systems each presents a unique set of complex challenges, even before a loss occurs. That’s why companies turn to ER for clear and understandable solutions that help settle claims and let you get back to business as usual. We work hard to excel at what we do, so you can focus on what you do best.

Equipment and Machinery Reports

The condition of equipment and machinery can rarely be determined by casual inspection and can have major impacts on business operations when malfunctions or property losses occur. ER performs in-depth mechanical inspections to aid risk management, asset valuation, and disaster recovery.

ER’s equipment reports are used in pre-loss situations for disaster planning, wear and tear evaluation, and repair/replacement cost determination.

Following a loss, inspection of equipment is critical given the risks that can develop after the initial loss event. Inadequate response procedures often leave assets susceptible to secondary damage from corrosion, contamination, and unstable environments.

Post-loss equipment reports can help settle claims by separating new damage from existing conditions, determining the origin of the loss, and analyzing extenuating factors such as improper installation, lack of maintenance, abnormal wear, and equipment malfunction.

Structual Reports

Commercial or residential, all building structures need to be scrutinized following a significant property loss. Comprehensive assessments require input from specialists like architects and engineers – specialists that ontractors usually cannot provide. These personnel are key to fair and accurate structural assessments, and that’s why we insist on counting them among our expert consultants.

By identifying defects, failures, and safety threats, ER’s structural reports ensure that the repairs called for are the right repairs – ones that account for existing conditions and will bring the structure up to code quickly, safely, and effectively.

ER’s expert analysis is backed by decades of experience in construction and disaster restoration. You can be assured that the opinions we provide are based on practical knowledge and real-world understanding of critical issues.

Computer and I.T. Reports

Information technology failures such as computer and server crashes not only put your data at risk – they jeopardize the overall health of your business. Many large companies have comprehensive plans to recover their I.T. equipment and data in the event of a disaster, but many smaller firms lack such plans. Whatever your company’s level of planning, the best solution to limit loss and successfully recover computer and data assets is the help of a true I.T. recovery specialist like ER.

Clients rely on the experienced professionals at ER to help them implement time-sensitive recovery strategies and get them back to business. ER’s consultants understand the sensitive nature of data recovery and demonstrate a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled.

Lightning Damage and Power Surge Events

Each year power surge events and lightening strikes cause billions of dollars in damage in the U.S. Complemented by STRIKEnet® lightning verifications and power company incident reports, our assessment reports provide precision and accuracy in resolving complex claims. Final reports are comprehensive and include replacement cost, repair cost, restoration as well as salvage options when applicable.

With our unique electrical expertise, we also offer power usage assessments through which power generation and engineering options can be recommended to suit permanent or temporary power needs.

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