Electrical, Mechanical, and Specialty Consulting Services

Electro-Mechancial Recertifiers, LLC offers technical and engineering reports for the myriad of electrical and mechanical quipment and machinery claim types.  Our professeional site investigative services followed by supporting laboratory testing, research, and analytical assessments produce a quality consulting report used to assist settlement of insurance claims.  Our reports have proven valuable from the board room to the courtroom.

Electrical Incidents

  • Lightning damage
  • Power surge incidents
  • Utility interruption
  • Fire, smoke, water, and flood damage

Computer Server and Network IT Incidents

  • Loss of data
  • Reconfiguration of devices
  • Networking losses
  • Cyber hacking and viruses

Common Electrical Incident Failures

  • Electrical switchgear fire
  • Failure of backup generators
  • Arc flash accidents
  • Electrocution and shock accidents
  • Tank overfills
  • Poor maintenance issues
  • Overheating and explosions
  • Equipment installation errors
  • Electrical design defects
  • Alarm system failures
  • Control failures

Mechanical and Structural Incidents

  • Process pipework failures
  • Boiler fires and explosions
  • Structural failure
  • Material defects
  • Elevator failures
  • Design defects
Our team of specialists and professional engineers have experience assessing, investigating, and writing reports for many risks that carriers insure.  Call today for a complete and accurate assessments of your loss.

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