We’re Specialists in Industrial Electric Equipment

Electric Plants deal with electricity on a large scale.  Specialists are required to safely maintain, repair, and restore motors, bus bars, feeder cables, insulation, and more.  Our staff of professional engineers, project managers, and technicians regularly deal with plant maintenance issues, and we’re available to help.

Electrical &

Regular maintenance is the difference between safe, reliable operation or total failure.

Insulation Resistance Testing

Insulation degrades over time, losing effectiveness.  Harsh environments such as freezing cold, heat, condensation, and chemical contamination serve to accelerate the process.  Periodic testing is essential to identify developing safety hazards and threats to equipment reliability.

Corrosion Control

Manufacturers and installers will take corrosion control measures during the commissioning process.  But those measures generally do not last the entire life of the equipment.  ER can help to restore those coatings to ensure your equipment lasts as long as possible.

Temporary Power Solutions

What do you do when electrical distribution equipment essential to operations require maintenance and repair?  Call on ER to develop and implement temporary power systems to bypass equipment that needs to come offline without impacting operations.

Our Mobile Lab

  • A secure, clean, and climate controlled enivornment to store, restore, repair, and test your equipment.
  • Eliminate transportation costs by restoring equipment on-site

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