At ER LLC we qualify for and maintain OEM relationships for various equipment types to ensure that all restoration  standards are adhered to as well as being able to ensure the technical equipment against further catastrophic loss or failure from the initial loss event. Establishing front to back protocols and providing the services to make OEMs comfortable with the process is our specialty.

Proven best practices from mitigation to testing and validation ensure that equipment usability, longevity and safety are in-tact at the time of recommissioning is what we do best.  Working with OEM’s to develop new relationships on varied equipment creates a synergy that meets needs of clients to get back in business 24.7.365 as well as understanding the timeliness of the recovery of technical machinery and equipment.

To speed up this process with the OEM we will need the supporting documentation for each item requiring recertification as follows:

  • If owned then copy of  original purchase order and specifications or original invoice showing details of model number, serial number and initial date put in service
  • If leased then copy of lease agreement C. Warranty and/or extended warranty agreement D. Maintenance contract or Service contract E. Maintenance log or service records F. Owners manual or service manual showing original specifications per device (helpful but not required)

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