Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. is your emergency service repair and restoration lifeline, with our On-Site Mobile Lab capabilities we offer complete disaster restoration (whether a large regional disaster or isolated single building event) and recovery of vital electrical gear, including main and power distribution equipment, switch gear, transformers, and breakers as well as non-power items such as electronics, computers, mechanical equipment, machinery and more.

Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. (aka ER LLC.) has a dedicated team of technicians, electricians, mechanics, engineers, hygienists, and project managers with years of operating experience in technical restoration of power equipment. Our company’s operating procedures and objectives are to work with Square D to implement the early “triage” procedures necessary to preserve equipment. When equipment is damaged by water, recovery time is of the essence if the components are to be salvaged.

Procedures such as the implementation of refrigerant or desiccant dehumidification to force dry electrical components, extraction & pump out of standing water, air movement to assist drying, as well as, temporary HVAC climate controls are all done. Once the water goes down and moisture controlled the next step is proper application of corrosion control and moisture displacement inhibitors which preserve components from further damage by protecting the base metal from any further flash rusting, oxidation and corrosion. Exposing contaminated base metals to air after they have been wetted by chemical and mineral laden water increases the corrosion factor exponentially.

All types of mechanical equipment, control panels and electrical power distribution gear exposed to the damaging and harmful effects of flooding from standing water and storm surge are reduced by these procedures being implemented. These procedures performed in a timely manner after the water recedes have proven to reduce the overall loss costs and save valuable equipment from replacement which leads to costly purchases and long lead times. These procedures will also allow equipment to be restored and used in the interim until such time as it can be replaced on a schedule thus mitigating the damages of loss of use and down time all the way around. These equipment and electrical power components are often the life blood of many business operations; no power, no business operations, servers, communication equipment, work space computers, electronics, business machines and factory equipment cannot be powered without building power system functioning. After the oxidation and
corrosion have been halted the decontamination process can be correctly organized and then take place in a planned and organized sequence.

Decontamination cleaning of the base metal substrates to remove chlorides, sulfides, bromides and hydrocarbons is a vital step to ensuring that composites, aluminum, copper and other metal alloys are restored to pre-loss specifications and meet testing/validation standards.

OEM, NEMA specifications and NETA testing standards often require replacement of certain items but are often decided by the OEM’s ability and willingness to re-certify specific items that have been repaired. In many cases electrical gear and buss panels are not readily available for quick replacement or off the shelf items. The ability to restore items that have low failure and low risk is essential; but the ability to restore items that ultimately need to be replaced is also paramount, while the manufacturer makes certain items for scheduled replacement being able to repair, thorough decontamination and restoration is vital to the resumption of business all allowing for a programed replacement during non- peak operational hours.

ER LLC. has the ability to asset OEM’s on various levels to help clients resolve loss of business issues and down time that impact their revenues. Our abilities allow us to keep staff technicians, equipment mechanics, electricians, and IT techs and electronics specialists on site 24/7. We will monitor temporary components (that will ultimately be replaced) by a complete and thorough protocol with round the clock checks of temperature and AMP load readings, as well as, employing the use of IR cameras to look for “hot spots” and shorts. Also, we are able to reset and even replace necessary breaker trips and keep the system running while Square D manufactures components slated for replacement.

Power gear and specific equipment are serviced by our technicians and engineers. Our premier technical group along with our specialty equipment is able to meet job needs and fill client expectations. Offering cost cutting solutions, T & M tracking, third party NETA testing and analysis and written protocols allow us to offer exceptional service to our clients. Our mobile lab is one of a kind in function and design. The lab allows us to remove equipment on-site, make repairs, decontaminate and perform hi-pot and overcurrent circuit breaker trip tests prior re-installing and re-commissioning.

Our approach to disaster recovery allows us to become part of your technical recovery team as we work to find timely and cost-effective solutions to restoring your equipment which if left unattended will directly affect your facility’s safety and future productivity. Providing results-based project management by establishing time sensitive goals, keeps work on-track with regular meetings and critical path scheduling. We serve both union and non-union clients; working with strategic partners to bring together the most respected and experienced experts in the industry.

Making your client’s sensitive electronic and electro-mechanical equipment operational and getting them back in business is our goal. Don’t gamble with your client’s equipment when you can have a sure winner. ER is a win-win company doing the little things that are important to the technical recovery.

Please contact ER LLC. for any flooded power distribution gear you encounter. We can have a PM or Electrical Engineering team on site in short order to prepare a broad scope of work. ER LLC. can be onsite in a matter of a day to respond to any emergency needs you or your clients may encounter. We are geared to mobilize completely under work authorization contract terms. We also can have our first response team assess items anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours. Safety policies and operating protocols will be developed to meet any situation or job requirements. Please call us today for all your water damage, flooding or other peril restoration needs.

ER LLC. Key Contact Information:

To reach a key contact for an Emergency Call Toll Free Emergency Hot Line 877-378-4183

To e-mail an Assignment https://eremergency.wpengine.com/?page_id=10

Mark Schafer, Project Manager of Large and Catastrophic Loss @ 443-397-7942 or email at marks@er-emergency.com

Mark Odachowski, Sr. Project Manager @ 225-571-8592 or email at marko@er-emergency.com

Andy Riley, Sr. Customer Service Representative @ 443-397-7310 or email at andyr@er-emergency.com