Wet, moldy, or smoke damaged equipment or otherwise compromised electronics, computers and medical devices need to be promptly quarantined.

These sensitive devices must be taken out of service immediately to avoid hazards of electrical shock to personnel or the worst case – critical failure resulting in the loss of any device. Patient interactive devices operating out of the normal operating parameters must now be considered to be out of OEM specification. Expeditious response to evaluate, isolate power sources and quarantine any is the caliber of care expected. Depending upon the scale of a disaster and the immediate recovery priorities; vital equipment can be overlooked resulting in future problems if not identified. It is important that any compromised biomedical devices are properly repaired and sanitized but electrically safety tested and recalibrated by a certified biomedical technicians (BMET).

Data centers and severs support medical images, billings, and patient electronic medical records (EMR) which at one-time were all hard copy film media and paper. In today’s climate healthcare care business is driven by data and new faster electronic technologies. Information is not the only improvement. Handheld analyzers and quick lab tests allow for quicker critical data. These devices are all susceptible to damage caused by smoke, water or other perils. Even outbreaks can be a disaster event where additional equipment help is needed.

HealthCare accreditation as well as numerous Federal and State regulations govern hospital operations. Life safety and uptime requirements dictate that hospitals and medical facilities be well maintained in every facet of operation. When a disaster strikes experience and rapid response allows us to reduce down time helping with your prompt recovery.

Scheduled maintenance emergency services, deficiency repairs or planed shut- down scenarios that may require outside assistance: Assessment& Restoration, BMET Assistance, Water Intrusion, Floods or Leaks, Communication Cable Gear Failures,
Temporary Power Solutions, Disinfection & Sanitization, Infection Control Services, MRI & Imaging Assessments, Estimated Replacement Cost Value Reports, Barcode Inventory Capture, Consulting & Engineering Services.

Turn-key solutions are key to up-time when as disaster strikes. Having partners is as important as having good insurance and knowledgeable risk managers for hospital operators. Assistance with equipment and networks supplements the BET, Engineering and IT departments allowing them to better focus on the most vital priorities. Areas can be brought back into compliance with a plan. Large disasters may impact an entire wing or building while smaller events may impact an isolated area. Either way you can lean on outside expertise during these times.

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