Now that the heating season is here it is important that home owners protect their investments from accidental fire, water damage, freezing and other perils caused by the cold weather events. This time of year requires a little extra thought to the maintenance of furnaces and smoke alarms to ensure safe operation and cost effective heating during cold spells.


  • Test smoke alarm and replace battery on each alarm and ensure working
  • Test CO alarm and replace battery alarm and ensure working
  • Change furnace filter and have qualified technician service system ensure working
  • Disconnect and remove water hoses from outside spigots to avoid freezing
  • Cover the spigots with isolated covers and drain if possible to avoid freezing
  • Seal, cover and insulate exposed gaps, openings, cracks to limit cold from entering space
  • Clean gutters – remove all leaves and debris to allow for water drainage and ice thawing
  • Install storm windows to ensure added insulation value
  • Install storm doors to ensure added insulation value
  • Secure exterior items and store for winter to protect against snow load and freezing
  • Remove awnings that cannot support snow load or freezing


  • Have ice melt or salt and snow shovel
  • Have flash light and batteries
  • Have blankets
  • Have alternate safe heating source- Electric blanket, approved space heater etc…
  • Have 2 weeks food and water rations
  • Have full fuel tank in car before bad weather sets in
  • Have full fuel oil or propane tanks before bad weather sets in