Peters, Weiland & Company is a small Mid-western organ company that has specialized in the maintenance, repair and restoration of pipe organs as well as offering consulting and advisory services to the insurance industry for organ loss claims nation wide.

The company traces its origins back to 1918 when the European trained Master Organ Builder Charles Karl Besch started his own organ company in Milwaukee after having worked for the renowned organbuilder William
Schuelke as his shop foreman.

Following Mr. Besch’s death, two employees, Stanton Peters and Henry Weiland, acquired the company in 1972. The name was changed to Peters, Weiland & Company and continues to this day.

Both Mr. Weiland and Mr. Peters first started their organ building apprenticeships with Mr. Besch in the mid 1960’s and Stanton Peters continued his training with a number of well known and respected American and European trained Master Organbuilders including George Schmidt, Alfons Oseander, Walter Eberle and Herman Schlicker.

In 1982 following Herman Schlicker’s death, the Schlicker Organ Company’s board of directors requested Mr. Peters to assume complete over-site of all artistic and engineering aspects of organbuilding for that company. In 1992 he was appointed President and continued to divide his time running both his firm in Milwaukee and Schlicker Company in Buffalo, NY until 2002.

Peters, Weiland & Company’s 5000 square foot 1894 factory building is located in the historic East Village Neighborhood of Milwaukee and is often featured on the historic walking tours of the area.

Well equipped with both modern and historic equipment we are able to build, repair or replicate any and all parts necessary for the repair, restoration and addition to existing pipe organs as well as manufacturing new instruments.

In addition to a complete woodworking shop our facility also has a metal pipe shop for the manufacture and restoration of metal organ pipes, a machine shop, leathering department, electrical department and a two story
tall voicing room.

Presently Peters, Weiland & Company serves as the curators for over 100 of the Mid-west’s major Churches and Universities. Managing Partner Stanton Peters is also called upon frequently as a consultant to the insurance  industry providing unbiased, knowledgeable and independent verification of organ loss claims nation wide.

Contact Information

Peters, Weiland & Company
1729 N. Pulaski Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Office: 414-271-6490
Stanton Peters mobile: 414-491-2340