Providing complete commercial, industrial and institutional restoration for large loss and CAT loss events is our core business. Our restoration step process entails- decontamination cleaning, repairs, testing and re-certification services for all equipment types including bio-medical, food processing, IT equipment, production & plant machinery, control panels, power distribution gear, mechanical equipment and machinery of all types. Yes- we do provide consulting reports for carriers on a daily basis and we can work on consumer grade electronics, building systems and appliances but we do not get involved with restoration of home owner electronics on a daily basis.

 100% of our business focus is devoted to the commercial restoration world. Our concentration of technical and engineering expertise is in providing solutions for the tough technical jobs that have equipment outages, production deadlines, computer & business machine contamination, supply chain issues, work in process, business interruption, and product shelf life issues which all lead to complicated business interruption hurdles for those needing to resume business ASAP.

Offering business continuity solutions for insurance carriers, restoration contractors and client relations from a technical perspective and by understanding manufacturing and production process as well as the client’s particulars aid in a total recovery solution. This is how we help our clients. This is how we distinguish ourselves and this is how we respond.