Uniqueness, lead-time and availability of equipment replacement play into the restoration decision of equipment that is “one off” and “custom built”. High end custom machinery may need repaired due to no stock replacement parts- in this case restoration is an effective and valid option. In other cases common items heavily damaged may be easily replaced due to restoration not being a cost effective option. Parts availability and obsolescence of machinery should be considered as well as machines that need guards, are not up to code or meet current standards.  Restoration contractors that understand the nuances of machinery and equipment often take jobs away from others who offer limited services and have little or no knowledge of the complete restoration concept of simultaneous contents and structure recovery efforts so that must all items are brought back on-line at the same time.

The thoroughness of our restoration protocols allows us to provide guarantees for our work while implementing re-warranty and even re-certification of equipment to O.E.M. standards and specifications. Our strategic partners who understand the need for technical restoration and value these partnerships take us to the losses early and often. They trust us and allow us to scope and evaluate the items in our area of expertise. Then we can provide complete recovery solutions together as a team in a total package and work towards the overall recovery schedule to meet recovery milestones. Our strategic partnership relationships with restoration contractors are powerful because they understand the cost benefits of restoration for the insured and the value to the insurance carrier.