Disaster planning as a property management methodology has long been shrouded in a fog of complexity and misinformation. Part of this rests in the rest very notion of what disaster planning is or should be.

There are many buzzwords that are used in the fields of disaster planning abd business continuity that contribute to the confusion. For the purpose of this discussion, we will consider disaster planning to be a broad approach to protecting people, property, and processes against the consequences of various emergency scenarios. It presents a comprehensive view of risk, strategy development and response procedures. Having said that, let’s clarify what disaster planning is not, or need not be. It need not be rocket science. It need not require a Ph.D. or 50-page process diagram.

There is no reason that disaster planning cannot occur at a manageable scale for any business. By clearing up some of the major misconceptions related to planning, we can help business owners and property managers overcome their concerns and begin the planning process.

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