Disaster Planning Services by ER LLC. As a disaster response company providing complete commercial electronics restoration services for our client’s we sometimes are tasked with assisting them to get their calls answered after a disaster. The best way to do this is to forward calls to another secure line or cellular phones to ensure that client calls are taken and business is not interrupted with missed calls which can equal, lost clients and revenue.

How to get your phone calls for a business when you phone system goes out or your office is uninhabitable?

If your landline subscription includes call forwarding, and they use standard call forwarding codes then:

Dial *72
at the tone dial your cell number
answer your cell if it rings
it is now forwarded

Dial *73 to cancel



Contact your carrier to ensure your phones are forward able and obtain any special instruction for this services. Also have alternate phone numbers or cell phone numbers that you can test prior to an event charged and ready to go in case a disruption occurs.

Next step is to have your phones system and switch professionally evaluated and potentially restored so it can be put back into service in a safe location to resume communications within your business unit or entity.

Provided by Mark Schafer. Large loss and catastrophic loss manager at Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC.