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With supply chain interdependencies, increasing regulatory requirements and geographically dispersed businesses encompassing everything from traditional storefronts to online operations, organizations are facing intense  pressure to improve performance, maintain continuous availability and ensure data integrity. Areas of concern that organizations need to focus on include enterprise and work area risk, availability of critical data and business applications, IT stability, recoverability of IT infrastructure, data backup and disaster recovery.

They also need to determine the constantly changing governmental and industry regulations associated with business continuity that apply to them and have a plan in place to manage compliance. Meeting these demands in a global economy means today’s enterprise must be highly resilient and able to anticipate multiple risks. At the same time, organizations should be prepared to withstand unexpected disruptions of all types while remaining poised to take advantage of new opportunities. Most disruptions are caused by infrastructure outages or human error, but they can also be the result of random power outages, natural disasters or international events.

Clearly, any of these disruptions can be costly and undermine your ability to maintain IT operations. Unplanned outages can also create far-reaching consequences that impact your long-term revenue stream, your brand and ultimately, your organization’s survival. Forward-thinking leaders are experiencing a wake-up call, recognizing that the probability and types of risk to business continuity are higher than commonly believed, and they are taking steps to improve their resiliency capabilities.

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