Your companies ongoing business is mission critical to its profitability & competitivness; communcation systems, computers, speciality systems, proprietry machinery and business machines are key to your operation.

The Problem….? After a business experiences a disaster, untreated equipment degrades rapidly.

The Result….! Long lead times are needed to order then replace equipment. High equipment costs and complicated installations add to business down time.

The Solution….? Working with Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. (prior to an event) with disaster planning and expert consulting allows for development of an action plan. After a loss event occurs, avoiding lost revenues can be minimized by implemantation of the plan. A disaster recovery plan ensures a high success rate of recovery. Saving of technical equipment with proper restoration methodology ensures a faster recovery period = NORMALCY TO YOUR BUSINESS (which is proven to be much quicker and cost effective).

  • Mobile lab offers secure, clean and climate controlled environment to store, restore, repair and test.
  • Save on shipping & handling and incidental damage costs by restoring equipment on-site.
  • Equipped to handle electronics, bio-medical, power distribution gear, IT equipment, computers, parts, machinery, motors and all equipment types.

Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. team has developed risk assessment tools. Our technical recovery strategies allow for accurate evaluation, decontamination and testing of equipment.