WATER DAMAGED ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, CABLE AND SWITCH GEAR cannot be ignored. The impacts on life, health and safety are disabling. Fire, outages, high maintenance costs and electrocution can negatively impact businesses and people. Water damaged equipment once energized can shorten the life of components, motors and wiring feeds.

All equipment types can harm personnel and cease to operate. Equipment experiencing wet or higher than normal high moisture conditions can malfunction and ruin electronic controls, destroy parts, short motors, interrupt manufacturing processes and trip breakers.

NEMA has provided for us a recommended guideline for the proper handling of electrical power gear. This publication is useful and pertinent on how to remedy all electrical power gear, breakers and distribution equipment affected by splash, flood or moisture. Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. provides complete assessments, restoration, refurbishment and recertification to restore building power for normal operations as well as data centers, computing centers, call centers and other critical operations and their power functions.

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