This manual provides guidelines for the control of corrosion of materials in facilities, systems, and equipment at
the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida.


The design agency has a responsibility to deliver hardware and equipment to the operator without “built-in” corrosion problems. Cooperation and communication between design, operation, and maintenance activities are
vital to identify existing problems so design errors are not repeated in new designs. Minor design changes to existing equipment will often serve to eliminate a major corrosion problem.

Each organization must develop and implement a corrosion-control program to satisfy its particular requirements. Responsibility for maintaining an item must be fixed and controls must be stringent enough to ensure
accomplishment. Scheduled inspection and preventive maintenance are essential to determine system status and to provide early correction of weaknesses. Preventive maintenance reduces the total amount of labor used and the expense incurred and ensures corrosion will not prevent the particular system from performing its design function. 

Corrosion control and treatment are of vital concern because corrosion of equipment and primary structures has a great effect on the operational and structural integrity of systems. Economy is another basic consideration since severe corrosion will eventually weaken structural members to the point where replacement or reinforcement is required in order to sustain design loads

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