Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. (ER LLC.) has learned that DHS office of Home Land Security through the NCSD- National Cyber Security Division offers Cyber Threat evaluations to businesses involved support of the 18 critical sectors at no charge to qualifying organizations.

Cyber Threats from within and without pose great risks to business of all types. Businesses that depend on the internet for communication, transactions and advertising are at risk. Many types of threats exist and can infect IT equipment causing delays in business leading to interruption of services and downtime. Critical businesses (CIKR) Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources) and entities involved in supporting the 18 critical sectors defined by FEMA can participate in the program CRR of Cyber Resilience Review offered by Homeland Security at no cost. Please see the attached PDF for additional details and contact information. Have your businesses electronic security reviewed and evaluated at no cost to you.

Please address all inquiries regarding the CRR to:

Cyber Security Evalutions Program
National Cyber Security Division
Office of Cybersecurity and Communications

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