Our core business model is to assist the private sector, restoration contractors and insurance carriers with full scale technical recovery and support services to their varied client’s including churches, historic buildings, sports arenas/stadiums, commercial business, industrial facilities, factories, office complexes and institutions that we are contracted with which has the financial means self-pay or are covered by primary insurance (co-insurance, reinsurance or other layers of coverage) or maintain their own self-insurance funds. We typically work with end-users, risk managers, restoration contractors, OEM’s or insurance carriers towards the recovery objectives of the client.

It is our job to assess, review, implement and provide full scale technical restoration capabilities for the recovery of specialty equipment, including the installed M, E & P building systems; all other equipment attached and unattached machinery, elevators/escalators, power gear, as well as all other unattached processing equipment, material handling equipment, IT servers, communication, electronics and propriety equipment assets.  In this case our goal is to be subordinate to and to assist overall recovery efforts in any way possible to fulfill the client expectations. Please refer to us for the purpose of assisting you with recovery, consulting, project management, T & M tracking, claims navigation or specialty services necessary to salvage valuable equipment assets to your valued book of client business or for your own recovery.

We provide the full resources of our company on these projects to ensure our quick response and follow through to recover the client or you effectively after a loss event and efficiently while representing the contractor and/or the guiding entity on the jobs where we are employed by a contractor or an end-user.

We provide a “one stop” mobile restoration partnership to support your refurbishment jobs using our technical staff ad labor pool to provide correct mitigation and, decontamination cleaning technology, self-testing, third party engineering, necessary equipment resources, re-assembly, installation, calibration, start-up and commissioning as well as any required third party and testing & validation to meet your OEM guidelines and standards of performance. Our expertise qualifies us to assess the loss and define the parameters along with the clients.

Please refer to this attached technical bulletin for your consideration.