Year around electrical power is vital to most day to day business operations. Everyday call centers, retail stores, factories, banks, hospitals, restaurants and hotels are impacted negatively when an outage occurs. Lights blip, computers have to be restarted, false alarms go off, digital phone switches keep phones from ringing and you can’t use an ATM or sometimes even get a hamburger at the local McDonald’s.

When Hurricane Isaac made landfall a few days ago and stalled for over 24 hours above New Orleans and the surrounding areas it dumped a ton of rain. This large scale event affects everyone in the region. This storm resulted in over a million people without power in Louisiana and Mississippi. To make matter worse, it is very hot and humid which allows for rapid mold growth.

The elderly have difficulty cooling off without some kind of powered cooling system. Those with breathing issues become affected by the hot air and easily disturbed by the growing mold around them. Proper cooking cannot be accomplished and food spillage is a huge loss and disease risk. Businesses experiences longer interruptions that are broader in scope and the effect of service interruptions is apparent to all.

Extended power outages mean simple orders cannot be processed by business, manufacturing equipment
cannot operate, restaurants are closed and gas pumps at convenience stores won’t pump gas even if they have a 30,000 gallon tank filled with fuel.

Power is the problem and power is the solution! We offer emergency electrical system assessments. Our diagnosis can help determine what is wet and how to dry the system and determine what is to be replaced. The main question is when should the building be re-energized and what needs to occur systematically before power can be safely restored.

Most contractors that are not electrically trained often “smoke test” the electrical system- this means they just turn things on and let it sizzle and hopefully dry out. This increases the risk for failure to breakers, transformers, wiring and motors. This method is not a best practice and it is not recommended as it can destroy wiring and electrical components affecting their life cycle and may result in immediate electrocution as well as open the door to future life, health and safety issues.

Proper insulation resistance testing determines the viability of wiring and components. Pumps and motors can often be tested and repaired. Switch gear and electrical distribution can often be rebuilt and large portions saved.

Transformers may be refurbished and tested. After replacement of certain components and the proper sequence of operation for refurbishment have been accomplished, along with acceptance testing performed, buildings and equipment may be safely tested and reenergized to untidily line power.

“Back feeding” by providing temporary power solutions to buildings by connecting temporary generators in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster is part of what we offer. Business interruption and loss of revenues shows up in many forms from food and inventory spoilage to loss of data to corrosion of precision equipment.

When outages occur from flood, fire or other peril, our staff of trained electrical technicians and engineers can begin the assessment of how to recover and restore power. We can help every industry and situation reduce their loss by making a plan for uptime recovery for all facility types. Call us 24/7/365 @ 877-378-4183