Clean rooms that are maintained virtually free of contaminants, such as dust or bacteria, are used in laboratory work and in the production of precision parts for electronic or aerospace equipment. By employing various technologies and methods of cleaning Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. can provide third party base line air quality and wipe testing to confirm pre-existing conditions, obtain a cleaning written protocol and then decontaminate the designated areas (medical labs, pharmaceutical labs, sensitive computer areas or parts manufacturing areas) to the ISO specification and provide clearance testing to confirm that proper de-contamination has been accomplished.

In the clean room standard ISO 14644-1 “Classification of Air Cleanliness” the classes are based on the formula Cn = 10N (0.1 / D)2.08 (1)

Where Cn = maximum permitted number of particles per cubic meter equal to or greater than the specified particle size, rounded to whole number

N = is the ISO class number, which must be a multiple of 0.1 and be 9 or less D = is the particle size in micrometers.

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