May 3 and 4, 2011 ER LLC. aka Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. a FEMA Region III private sector partner specializing in disaster recover, electronics restoration and equipment rehabilitation attended a FEMA General Awareness Workshop entitled Water Sector Interdependencies in Pittsburgh, PA.  The workshop studied interdependencies of the 18 critical FEMA sectors and focused on the production of a clean water supply and the treatment of the effluent produced in all towns, cities, and states throughout the U.S. on a daily basis. Clean water and treatment of sewage is of major importance for the resumption of business activities in all other critical infrastructure sectors. 

The EPA published an informational document EPA-817-F-10-018 December 2010 entitled Water and Emergency Services  A Critical Community Interdependency,  please click on the link to open this PDF