Commercial buildings, private and public facilities, processing plants and industrial sites affected by disasters have a need to out-source the technical components of their loss. Machinery, electrical equipment and computers that are adversely affected need a fast track recovery plan. In an effort to limit losses and expedite business resumption ER has such a program in place. Extensive experience with equipment restoration allows us to provide unparalleled response. We understand the challenges of working with unique structures that have been damaged as well as their various building systems, and the electro-mechanical equipment found in different building designs.

Our approach to disaster recovery allows us to become part of your technical recovery team as we work to find timely and cost-effective solutions to restoring your equipment which if left unattended will directly affect your facility’s safety and future productivity.

Providing results-based project management by establishing time sensitive goals, keeps work on-track with regular meetings and critical path scheduling. We serve both union and non-union clients; working with strategic partners to bring together the most respected and experienced experts in the industry. Contact Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC.