The following analysis of hazardous materials and man-made hazards is based primarily upon the technical report Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Westfield Shopping Mall Fashion Square, prepared by The Reynolds Group, and dated February 2008. This study is provided in Appendix F: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of this DEIR.

The shopping center was originally constructed on the project site in 1962 and renovated in 1990 and 1996. Since 1996, operations and uses of chemicals at the site have not substantially changed. Prior to the construction of the shopping center, the project site was occupied by a school.

Operation of the existing facilities does not include the use or generation of significant quantities of hazardous materials. According to a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) prepared for the project site (see Appendix F: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment), several of the shopping center tenants are small quantity generators of hazardous wastes.

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