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Gas appliances and electrical equipment subjected to water damage can be extremely dangerous if reenergized without proper reconditioning. Equipment exposed to water through flooding or fire fighting activities may be degraded due to moisture, debris lodged in the equipment, or contamination from chemicals, sewage, oil, or sediment.  This can effect the integrity and performance of the equipment.


Gas appliances, stoves, forced air units, wall heaters, etc. are required to be recertified  after any reconditioning due to exposure to water. Recertification of the equipment  must be done by either a licensed HVAC or plumbing contractor or factory certified  personnel.

Some components of electrical systems can be reconditioned by trained personnel or qualified electricians. Other components may not be reconditioned and must be  replaced.

Items which may possibly be reconditioned:

I. Panelboards and switchboards
II. Motors
Items which must be replaced
I. Wire and cable products, “Romex”, may be reenergized only after the
insulation resistance test with a megohmeter is performed. Any noncomplying wire or cable must be replaced.
II. Molded case circuit breakers.
III. Fuses
IV. Transformers
V. Motor control equipment
VI. Receptacles and switches.
VII. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
VIII. Surge protectors Page 2
IX. Lighting fixtures and ballasts
X. Equipment in signaling, protection, alarms, and communication systems.
XI. Wire and cable that is listed for ‘dry location only’

Further information may be obtained by contacting manufacturers associations, i.e.  NEMA, AGA, ARI, etc. ANSI provides standards for the reconditioning and repair of some types of equipment.