Distinction in the electronics restoration and equipment restoration field is only achieved by competence levels of the project managers, engineers, mechanics and technicians involved in the process. Differentiation is established by those who offer a complete scope of work in advance and keep the project on-task, on-time and on-budget working towards the client’s business resumption efforts and recovery goals which all make projects successful. Today generals restoration contractors and contents cleaning companies are cleaning electronics namely computers, appliances and TV’s claiming they are in the “electronics restoration business” not even sure what to do with a file server, a network or telecommunication switch. Many companies learn some cleaning techniques and believe they are skilled and competent to work on your electronics performing restoration- this is not a good thing for our industry or clients.  Qualified firms must understand mechanical and electronic equipment as well as chemistry, metallurgy and decontamination methods for our industry. They must have trained employees on staff who are already skilled in networking, IT hardware, software and specialty equipment repair who have special knowledge and skill sets and then have learned to restore, repair and recertify various equipment types affected by any peril/event.

The term electronics restoration service is really a misnomer. General restoration contractors claim they restore electronics along with cleaning carpet, washing walls and extracting water- this is a completely other skilled set and trade. Electronics restoration is a broad term often used to define anyone working on any type of electronic device whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. . Technically vested firms provide recovery of much more than consumer grade electronics. Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. services the full range of IT networked computer systems, bio-medical & dental equipment, food processing & beverage plants, recording studios, commercial kitchens, machine shops, and manufacturing plants.

Electronic controls are a part of most modern machines; either simple logic panels to complicated relay logic and PLC controlled equipment. The hard parts and components coupled with the electronics control devices must be serviced to the degree they are damaged to render equipment pre-loss condition once again. Expert recovery can include everything from the inventory & initial assessment of damage to mitigation and through the restoration decontamination process.

Many times high use or heavy production machinery a myriad of our services are required to be implemented which may include remediation of hazardous waste and manufacturing by-products, component repairs, motor rewinding, refurbishment of parts, adjustments of mechanical parts, replacement of lubrication & fluids, replacement of filters and scheduled parts balancing and laser leveling to get machinery operating in proper parameters. The required reloading of operating systems for computer numeric controlled or program logic controlled systems and setting up of operational parameters for certain controllers may be necessary. After the restoration and repair services are completed then ES testing and final calibration services can validate component safety and function. Some equipment types require final sanitization steps before introducing product and being put into use. Once completed then startup and re-commissioning with plant personnel then the OEM recertification’s such as warranty reinstatement or extended warranty inspections can then be accomplished.

Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. is determined to stay the premier IT, equipment and machinery choice. Offering complete turnkey options allowing our clients to get back to what they are good at which is to concentrate on business recovery and normalization of business activities.  This article is provide by Mark Schafer of Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. you may reach him via email at marks@er-emergency.com or 877-378-4183.