Electro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. has a professional staff of technicians, equipment mechanics, engineers and project managers who provide restoration including repair and services for many equipment types and industries. The term electronics restoration, electronics restoration services and related services doesn’t give the entire picture of the services that can be rendered. Our restoration or preventive maintenance services are available for plants, laboratories and factories in North America and around the world. See the directory below for a partial list of items services. Call ER LLC. for all your plant maintenance needs at 877-378-4183.

Air Compressor & Dryer Systems

Drain down. Lubrication and compressor head rebuilding

Arc Flash Analysis

Back Up Battery and UPS Systems

Maintenance and load bank testing

Boilers & Heaters- Steam and Hot Water

Drain down, treated water filling and check  tubes, clean tubes, and pressure checks

Burner Management

Repair and tune, replace flame recognition devices and exhaust flu analysis

Communication & Data Faults


Relay logic and PLC’s

Crane, Transfer Car and Material Handling Systems

Repair and maintenance of hoists, pendants and limit switches

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Faults

Electrical System Upgrades

Emergency Repairs

Equipment Moves

Equipment Retrofits and Rebuilds

Failure Analysis

Material Failure

Failure Analysis

Equipment Failure

Fiberglass Vessels

Repair fiberglass process and storage tanks, and holding vats

Food Processing Equipment

Freezers and Refrigeration

Freight Elevators

Generators and ATS Systems

Maintenance and load bank testing

Industrial Accident Investigations

Cause & Origin


Set ups and parameters as well as certified calibration

IT and Networked Computers

Hardware upgrades, software installations and networking

Laser Leveling

Lubrication Services

Material Handling Systems

Bearings, belts services, chain drives and roller repairs

Mechanical Engineering Services

Mothballing and Storing Equipment Lines


Vibration testing, repairs, bearings, re-winding and replacement

Network Moves

New Equipment Installs

Passenger Elevators

Plant Shut Downs

PLC, Relay Logic Controls and Instruments

Calibrations and adjustments

Preventative Maintenance

Process Pipe Work Systems

Actuators, valves, traps and pipe work repairs


Rebuild and repair domestic process water, process pumps, dosing pumps and sludge pumps

Robotics Systems

Maintenance and repairs

Schedule Maintenance

Start Up and Commissioning Services

Tank Heating Coils & Elements

Repair and maintain heating coils and elements