The purpose of this book is to present information and specifications relative to the introduction and use of electricity supplied by LIPA. This book is to be used as a guide to installing electrical installations to protect the interests of our customers and to comply with regulations which experience has shown to be necessary for safe, adequate, and satisfactory service.


The information and specifications included in this book cover conductors and equipment connecting LIPA’s electric supply system to the premises, and other related subjects associated with the supply of electricity that are of mutual interest to LIPA, customer, architect, engineer and electrical contractor. It should be noted that this is not a complete set of rules governing the installation of electrical wiring and equipment.


For Rate Schedules and the Rules and Regulations pertaining thereto, reference is made to the “Long Island Power Authority Tariff for Electric Service”. These schedules are available for examination at any LIPA Business Office or online at www.lipower.org. LIPA will make the initial assignment of the appropriate electric rate based on information supplied on the application and load letter. If the characteristic of electric usage changes after the service is energized, it will be the customer’s responsibility to notify LIPA of such change so that the appropriate rate may be selected.


It is LIPA’s sincere desire to provide and maintain dependable, safe and satisfactory electric service in a courteous and efficient manner.

Preliminary information leading to new or increased electric service requirements should be submitted to LIPA early in the planning stages. This will insure proper design and scheduling coordination of the work associated with the service connection. LIPA, when applicable, will advise the customer of any additional requirements for grounding, service equipment and metering facilities.

Cooperation of all interested parties and strict adherence to the specifications outlined in this book will provide for satisfactory electric service.


These specifications are a supplement to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), but they are not a substitute for these codes or for municipal codes. LIPA requires the customer’s wiring to be installed in accordance with applicable codes.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION LIPA will be pleased to assist the customer with any request for information in connection with the utilization of electric service. Representatives are available at LIPA’s Customer Order Fulfillment Department to respond to these requests for information.

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