data1 Q1. What is the real value of a computer system? A1. It is most often the DATA. Hard to replace, harder to recover and even harder to re-create- data is costly work product. This is the main reasons for backing up a network! If this is the only place your data is located then restoration can be extremely cost effective.

Q2. What is the actual replacement cost versus restoration cost if quick uptime is not a factor? A2. If restoration is doesn’t make sense and cannot be performed at a


fair value then replace the obsolete, older and non-essential machine units. A proper evaluation must be made. Consideration for shipping, removal, proper disposal, conjuration, set ups and software installation costs as well as mapping, cabling and racking costs must be studied. Ability to get a firm estimate is of key concern.

Q3. What is the impact of being down and out of service? A3. If you are out of business and not making revenues you need to get back into business. If resuming business operations ASAP is a priority then restoration of IT systems makes sense! Time to replace with new computers, installations and networking can be done over time and phased in later as a planned project. Restoration is a good option if up time is a major consideration.

Q4. Do you have a business continuity or resumption plan for your IT recovery in the event of a disaster? A4. If so follow it because it has been written with consideration of the business needs including insurance coverage, down


time expectations, equipment specifications, warranties, contracts and critical operations requirements. Typically following well written plans will most likely result in the quickest recovery time possible.

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