A presentation describing the theory of ultrasonics and how ultrasonic technology is applied to precision cleaning. This presentation will explore the importance and application of ultrasonics in precision cleaning along with explanations of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and its application. Process parameters for ultrasonic cleaning will be discussed along with procedures for proper operation of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to achieve maximum results.


Cleaning technology is in a state of change. Vapor degreasing using chlorinated and fluorinated solvents, long the standard for most of industry, is being phased out in the interest of the ecology of our planet. At the same time, cleaning requirements are continually increasing. Cleanliness has become an important issue in many industries where it never was in the past. In industries such as electronics where cleanliness was always important, it has become more critical in support of growing technology. It seems that each advance in technology demands greater and greater attention to cleanliness for its success. As a result, the cleaning industry has been challenged to deliver the needed cleanliness and has done so through rapid innovation over the past several years. Many of these advances have involved the use of ultrasonic technology.

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Source: Blackstone-New Ultrasonics

Author: F. John Fuchs