Water Damaged Equipment Water Damage to Equipment Most articles under the words Water Damaged Equipment are not titled properly. Our title is exactly what it states – water damage to equipment. If you had water intrusion in your business.

Water Damage to Equipment is what it means. For many restoration contractors and affected business owners water in their electrical equipment is scary. Water is current carrying and creates a way for electrical current to short or bridge the circuits. When you short a circuit you trip breakers, blow fuses and overheat the devices. If the fusible link doesn’t blow fast enough or breakers don’t trip fire can burn undetected in conduits, walls and chases undetected. Panels and electrical cabinets can burn and some devices such as transformers or fused holders can even explode. Wire and equipment can be damaged and this equipment must be tested to NETA standards and certain items need replaced to comply with NEMA guidelines.

Fast action, proper measures and best engineering practices allows for equipment and wiring to be saved and business to resume quicker.

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