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If your computer work stations, IT equipment and servers have been infiltrated by water damage directly or received high humidity levels of moisture you are at risk of corrosion and premature  failure that can prove critical. Uptime for computers is important to most of todays business operations. Computers and servers can handle a broad range of operating temperatures and fairly high humidity conditions. If humidity conditions reach the dew point then condensation forms and the equipment can sweat and moisture damages result. Computers cannot sustain direct water and high humidity without damage being sustained.

Sensitive electronics require specific operating and storage parameters. Water is the enemy of electronic equipment and computers. Properly assessed and recognized the affects of water may be reversed. Fast action to control water intrusion, humidity and temperature are vital. De-energizing power sources and removal of standing water and moisture will improve chances of recovery. Fast and immediate action is necessary. Understanding what water can do and how ton remediate it should be left to those trained in electronics, hardware and computer recovery.

A clients IT and electronic data should be entrusted to trained technicians who understand damages and electronics. Unqualified and inexperienced persons handling this equipment has big liability and confidentiality concerns should damages cause failure or loss of data.

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