Water Damaged Equipment
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Water damaged electrical equipment can be restored

The shortest path to recovery for your business is to properly evaluate your water damaged electrical equipment and determine what can be recovered. Unresolved electrical issues may result in electrical fires and electrocution of persons. Mitigation can reduce equipment replacement costs and risk to life, health and safety. Power gear, switch gear and high voltage distribution equipment do not like water intrusion. Reduce downtime, outages and interruption to business.

Water damaged equipment claims and flooded commercial buildings are dangerous.Avoid Electrical fires. Avoid Electrocution. Water damaged equipment – Wet, flooded, water sprayed or high humidity at condensing levels negatively impact the electrical system and equipment. Electrical power systems are  the back bone of any facility and affect the other building systems as well as equipment and machinery.

Water Damaged Electrical Equipment may be effectively refurbished. Following NEMA guidelines for recoverable items and testing to NETA standards after employing our proven and proprietary mitigation and restoration techniques.

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