Companies today must assume responsibility for effectively responding to emergency situations more than ever before. In the past, property loss mitigation, occupant safety and business continuity were regarded as disparate entities, but today these processes are being synthesized as companies realize their potential combined value.

Circumspex was created in response to this movement as a means to bridge the gaps left between business continuity planning and emergency response planning. Circumspex recognizes that there is an absolute need to plan for surviving and recovering from disasters. The responsibility to employees, shareholders, clients and other parties with vested interests is clear. The need comes from a base of morality and enlightened business management.

The paramount objectives are to minimize business interruption and potential harm to people. These objectives are best met in a collaborative environment where the philosophies and practices of business continuity planning and emergency response planning are combined. Circumspex is the key to that environment.

  • Control risk exposure
    Create a comprehensive disaster plan that can identify or eliminate many risks while reducing the potential impact of others
  • User-friendly interface
    Simple to use yet powerfully dynamic, with custom options to suit individual property types and needs
  • Team collaboration
    Facilitates team approach to divide duties, share information and track progress
  • Incident-Specific Action
    Create detailed action-item protocols for any number of incident types
  • Digital File Vault
    Circumspex also acts as a depository for information about your facility, people & business processes
  • Web-based
    It’s easy to create, maintain & exercise your plan anytime, anywhere via the Web